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METALICY Trade Union. The situation from BULGARIA.
Short presentation.

12 apr 2013

Recession in Bulgaria to some extent been influenced by European and global, but has its own specifics.

Widespread poverty and unemployment in our country has led to severe social stagnation, followed by a political crisis and a caretaker government.

Bulgaria is the only European country in which the government admitted with resignation that it was unable to find a way out.

Public discontent turned into protests that lasted over a month. A major problem was the high rate of unemployment and low income, but not so high bills. The reasons for the protests are also a lack of dialogue and despair to which the Bulgarians were brought as a result, which led to the self-immolations and street clashes.

In these few months, in a strange way so far for Bulgaria, civil society has shown its determination to impose control over the country's institutions for fair and dignified life.

Bulgaria has opportunities and must focus additional resources for productive public investment that can lead to more income and jobs. Too strong restriction imposed; especially in recent years has been the cause of these effects. People have lost their jobs or on low incomes, making them off the streets and businesses in liquidation. There should be created opportunities through support of small and medium enterprises, so that these people can be re-engaged and provide jobs for them. This can happen by ensuring a good business environment and growing economy.

Reforms and improvements in the country's governance, better administration and less corruption, leading to growth - of course, not immediately, but after a certain period of time, such an outcome is achievable. The country also needs a growth rate of investment in the private sector, open economy and structural reform, public-private partnerships that return value, such as education, health and human resources.

Trade unions in Bulgaria also make a thorough re-evaluation of their development in the country and their role as representatives of employees. In this regard CITUB develop and present to the public and political parties its Memorandum which carries net charge of program, whose requirements and ideas related to the rights of workers, employees and citizens of all ages.

Our Trade union is very strongly committed to the revival of the industry and the economy as a whole, and decisively increases income, which we believe is the key to exit this troubled period.

Social crisis based on low incomes and high unemployment in the country has grown into a political crisis with the resignation of the government and parliamentary - the inability of the 41st National Assembly to continue working. This led to early elections. Choices that we hope this time will be transparent and honest, because this is the first step to restore confidence in the political class. Any government that it would be elected will have to start implementing prudent fiscal policy.

Let's wish for some better elections on May 12, 2013!

Published 7 years ago



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